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A Heart for A Heart

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The Kangin X Yesung Community on LJ : For all things KangSung

Hello!! This is yet another one of my many other Asian music based fan-communities.

This time, it's a community created especially for the very obscure pairing of Super Junior members, Kim Youngwoon (Kangin) and Kim Jongwoon (Yesung), or KangSung *or TwoWoon/2Woon as me and several other fangirls have dubbed them*

The rules here are very simple, but there's no harm in listing them, right?

Anyway, here they are *in all there legally binding glory XD*

.the Rules

.1 : No bashing of other pairings. I, myself do not really support certain "canon" pairings *please don't kill me* but I'm polite enough to keep my mouth shut about it :D So please do everyone a favor and keep your negativity to yourself, thanks.

.2 : This is a community for KangSung so please limit all posts strictly to them. I have plenty other favorite pairings as do most other fangirls but I would appreciate it if those are kept to a limit here. Meaning, if KangSung isn't the main pairing or one of the main pairings in your post, DO NOT POST IT HERE.

.3 : KangSung is the pairing being celebrated here, but it needn't always be romantic things posted here. Anything from friendship, brother-complexes, and even simple aquaintances is welcome here^^

.4 : Have fun and don't be a lurker! Nobody likes a community that's practically dead. Let's make this community as fun and up-to-date as possible, okay?

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